Florida Governor Ron DeSantis comes to West Palm Beach to discuss mandates and election fraud

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Playing to a supportive crowd in West Palm Beach, Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis spoke mostly about election integrity and mask mandates this morning. DeSantis called on the Florida Legislature to further strengthen the integrity of Florida elections. DeSantis assured the crowd that there will not be any COVID vaccination mandates in Florida.

DeSantis said that if a Florida citizen witnessed ballot harvesting, which is illegal in Florida, and that citizen calls the incident in to a local Supervisor of Elections office, often, nothing happens. DeSantis said, “In Florida, it is Constitutionally mandated that only citizens are allowed to vote in Florida and yet you see examples of people, even though they [poll workers] check that they are not citizens, and they will still be given ballots.”

DeSantis called on the Florida legislature to add an office responsible for instigating election crimes which will employ law enforcement investigators to bring cases to the Florida Attorney General for prosecution.

Today’s press conference follows the announcement by Roger Stone this past weekend that if DeSantis does not do something about election fraud in Florida, then he will run against him in 2022.

DeSantis touted how Florida has one of the lowest if not the lowest COVID rates in the nation and how Florida has added a large number of jobs while other states have lagged in the job category. DeSantis said, “You shouldn’t have to lose your job over these COVID mandates. We need to stand up for people to make their own decisions and we shouldn’t have people lose their jobs over it.”

He also expects passage of a $5,000 signing bonus for out-of-state law enforcement officers who move to and employ themselves in law enforcement in Florida.

Roger Stone suggests he may run for governor against Ron DeSantis in 2022

During an episode of the Stew Peters show this past weekend, Roger Stone stated he is considering a run to be Florida’s next governor should current Governor Ron DeSantis not audit the 2020 presidential election to determine if fraud occurred.

Stone, a long time Libertarian Party registered voter in Broward County, Florida, suggests that there was a large amount of fraud in Florida costing former President Donald Trump votes in the 2020 general election.

Strangely, out of the 15 individuals who have filed to run to be Florida’s Governor, according to the Florida Division of Elections website, DeSantis has yet to file for next year’s election. Those seeking to be on the ballot for the Florida governor’s race have until June 2022 to qualify to be on the ballot for the primary and general elections in 2022.


Trump commutes sentence of Roger Stone and the Internet goes crazy

Roger_Stone_in_february_2019Yesterday, July 10, 2020, President Donald Trump commuted the sentence for longtime advisor Roger Stone who was scheduled to go to prison next week for 40 months for lying to Congress, one count of witness tampering and interrupting an official proceeding. So far, Trump has commuted the sentence or pardoned fewer than 30 people in his 3.5 years as president. For comparison, when Barack Obama was president, he commuted or pardoned the sentences for over 500 people during his tenure.

Stone’s major offense was lying to Congress, which is done routinely, yet rarely is someone prosecuted for such a crime. Mitt Romney incorrectly stated that the commutation by Trump was “unprecedented, historic corruption.” Obama pardoned Oscar Lopez, which by all measures, is a worse human being. Stone’s conviction will remain on the books; however, he will no longer need to go to prison.

The Internet went crazy in hearing the news that Stone would not be heading to prison. Adam Schiff posted on Twitter, “With Trump there are now two systems of justice in America: One for Trump’s criminal friends and one for everyone else.”  @naveed_a_khan19 posted on Twitter: Trump presidency is for cronies and chums. A Trump chum, Lindsey Graham will support commutation of Stone sentence. #LindseyGrahamSC@LindseyGrahamSC.  #RogerStone.

Meanwhile, supporters like @ChuckWollery posted on Twitter: We all watched Clapper lie to congress and……….Noting. But Roger Stone? I’m so sick of this and Leland Virttert FOX.” Also on Twitter, @FiveRights posted “Prez did right thing. Of course Roger Stone‘s sentence should be commuted. He was another victim of Obama’s unprecedented abuse of power, like Flynn & the rest. O needs to answer for his coup attempt. Where is our Justice Dept on this?”


Olivia Nuzzi of The Daily Beast says “The Clintons’ War On Women” book is “hard to put down”

Longtime Washington insider turned whistleblower and New York Times bestselling author Roger Stone, says his book, The Clintons’ War On Women, “is a true story of serial rape, intimidation, violence, drugs, greed corruption, and ambition. It’s the shocking definitive expose of Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton.”clintons-war-on-women-book-cover

Hillary Clinton is running for president as an ‘advocate of women and girls,’ but the hypocritical way she has treated women in her personal quest for power could only be described as waging a ‘war on women.  In this stunning exposé, The Clintons’ War On Women, the author, a  40 year Washington insider turned whistleblower, reveals how Bill and Hillary Clinton have systematically abused women, and others – sexually, physically, and psychologically, in their scramble for power and wealth.

The Clintons’ War on Women chronicles the crimes and coverups of Bill and Hillary Clinton, beginning with their crimes in Arkansas, which catapulted the couple to political prominence, as well as Bill Clinton’s time in the White House, Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation, and concluding with Hillary’s current campaign for president, including the incredible email scandal, in which Hillary has erased evidence of her crimes.

The blockbuster book looks at the Clintons’ abuse of power, witness intimidation, lies, the death of Clinton lawyer Vince Foster, Bill Clinton’s parties with a convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Hillary’s strange relationship with top Aide and Islamist terrorist connected Huma Abedin as well as the looting of the Clinton Foundation, the largest money laundering operation in US criminal history.

“The Clinton’s War on Women is a sordid true story of serial rape, intimidation, strong arm tactics, physical violence against witnesses, break-ins, coverups, drugs, lies, corruption and power lust.

Veteran Republican strategist Roger Stone will sign his Clinton book in Cleveland today at Barnes and Noble

Longtime Trump Advisor Roger Stone, who served as Donald Trump’s Presidential Exploratory Committee chairman in 2000, will speak, conduct a Q&A and sign copies of his Amazon Best Seller “The Clintons’ War On Women”.roger-stone-book-signing-cleveland.jpg

The book signing is at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore at 11451 Euclid Ave in Cleveland, Ohio at 4:30pm on Tuesday, July 19, 2016.

“This stunning book is the ultimate expose of the Clinton crime family,” said Stone, the New York Times Best Selling Author of The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ. This is the story the mainstream media and the Clinton machine suppressed over the last three decades.

“My book is not about marital infidelity, adultery or consensual sex. Bill Clinton is a serial sexual predator who has attacked, overpowered, assaulted, raped and bitten multiple women” said Stone.

The Clinton’s War on Women chronicles Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults and rapes of credible victims including Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Corbin Jones and others too numerous to list here.

“Bill Clinton is a sex criminal and Hillary Clinton has directed the campaign to terrorize, intimidate and bully his victims into silence,” said Stone. “Every millennial woman needs to know the shocking truth about Bill Clinton and his wife who has been an accessory after the fact in all of his sex crimes.

The Clintons’ War On Women also chronicles the epic corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, and The Clinton Global Initiative. “The Clinton Foundation is not a charity; it’s a slush fund for grifters and perhaps the single largest money laundering scheme in US criminal history,” said Stone, a veteran of nine Republican Presidential Campaigns.

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