Biden says reports his administration will pay immigrants $450,000 are ‘garbage’

President Joe Biden

President Biden on Wednesday said, “If you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah. But it’s not true.” Biden is referring to the Wall Street Journal article that the United States will pay $ 450,000 to migrant children and separated parents. The Wall Street Journal first reported last week that families separated from the immigration policies of then-President Donald Trump at the border may receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in negotiations to resolve disputes between family lawyers and the Justice Department. According to this report, the government tried to resolve 940 complaints from such families, amounting to approximately $1 billion.

The Biden administration repeatedly considered this policy cruel and inhuman, promising that reunited families will still be divided. Michelle Brain, head of the Family Reunification Task Force, said earlier this month that the Biden administration could only reunite 52 of the over 1,000 separated families, a policy that has yet to be found. They will then give the reunited family a three-year probation period during which they can legally live and work in the United States, but do not provide citizenship opportunities. 

Youngkin wins Virginia and Republicans win most assembly races

Glenn Youngkin to be Virginia’s next governor. Photo Credit Glenn Youngkin campaign Facebook

Glenn Youngkin won the gubernatorial election over Terry McAuliffe last night and has been part of a wave of Republicans overtaking Democrats in many races. Youngkin, a former co-CEO of The Carlyle Group, took on McAuliffe and was thought to be a David vs. Goliath fight early on; however, as the election drew closer, it appeared McAuliffe should not have been resting on his laurels. At press time, Youngkin had 50.68%, McAuliffe 48.55%, Princess Blanding .69%, and a write-in candidate had .08%. Youngkin’s Republican running mate for Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears also has won.

The impact of disappointed Democrats in President Joe Biden and other elected officials seemed to have an effect at the ballot box. Although almost 50 percent of Virginia voters felt Biden’s poor poll numbers were not a factor in their decision for whom to vote for governor, 28 percent expressed opposition to Biden in some polling.

Republicans also swept the Virginia legislature (state assembly), taking back what Democrats have held for the last several years. Republican Jason S. Miyares won the State Attorney General office, and a majority of general assembly offices up for election went to Republicans over Democrats.

Most Americans feel America headed on the wrong track and disapprove of Joe Biden’s job performance

In many recent polls of American voters, President Joe Biden is not doing well with most respondents and a large majority feel the country is headed in the wrong direction. In several polls released over the last week, results were anywhere from 63 to 71 percent of respondents felt the country was headed on the wrong track when asked, “Do you feel things in the country are going in the right direction, or do you feel things have gotten off on the wrong track?”

While most Americans feel the country is headed in the wrong direction, those at the White House must be concerned as President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are headed in the wrong direction as well. Biden’s job approval ratings are in the tank over several polls taken over the last week, continuing a trend over the last many months. Less than 50 percent of Americans feel Biden is doing a good job representing them as President of the United States.

G20 elected officials talk about China, climate change, energy prices, and COVID while in Rome

Several European elected officials have urged the United States President Joe Biden to de-escalate the tensions with China, fearing that the trade war between China and the US might damage global economies and have broad national security implications. One of the many major tensions for a Biden administration will be whether some attending the summit will counter China’s rise.

Joe and Jill Biden arrive in Rome, Italy to meet with leaders of the G20 countries.

Developing countries with growing financial ties to China fear having to choose between the two superpowers. The number of nations with growing monetary ties to the world’s second-largest economy, fear having to choose between the United States and China. Over nine months into the Biden administration, President Biden has already lifted some tariffs from the prior presidential administration. This month, the Biden administration announced it may allow some Chinese imports to be exempt from a range of tariffs.

Besides the COVID pandemic and its consequences, we expect ministers to discuss efforts to speed up the global economic recovery following the outbreak of the coronavirus and to address the rising energy prices and supply chain bottlenecks affecting several key industries.

We also expected leaders to endorse a plan to synthetically vaccinate 70% of the world’s population against COVID-19 by mid-2022 and to start a working group to combat future pandemics. G20 leaders will also agree on a global minimum tax rate of 15% for the largest companies – a move that would be a first for the global financial system.

The Group of 20 leading industrialized nations (G20) will begin a two-day climate change summit in Rome today, with the COVID-19 pandemic dominating the talks. The G20 bloc, which includes Brazil, China, India, Germany, and the United States, accounts for over 80% of global GDP, 60% of the world population, and about 80% of the CO2 emissions.

Two years after several East Asian countries were hit by a severe economic crisis in 1997, the Group of 7 (G7) finance ministers formed the G-20 to involve other countries in discussions on global economics and finance. President Joe Biden will represent the United States at this year’s summit in Rome today. He began his trip on Friday with meetings with Pope Francis, the French President Emmanuel Macron, and other world leaders.

Leaders from the world’s largest economies attended the two-day Group of 20 summit today, the first face-to-face meeting of leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic. Prime Minister Mario Draghi welcomed the leaders to Rome’s Nuvola, a cloud-like convention center in a fascist neighborhood cut off from the rest of the city. The summit is the first face-to-face meeting of G20 leaders since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak.

President Joe Biden met with a number of world leaders Saturday morning as the G-20 debated how best to address the global economic problems from climate change to rising energy prices. White House advisers said Biden will spend his time at the Group of 20 Summit this weekend attempting to fix supply chains, securing a global corporate tax deal, and will press to explore debt relief and emergency funding for poor countries whose economies have been battered by the current pandemic.

Prince Charles has urged G20 leaders in his speech to the Rome summit to turn their “fine words on climate into action.” It is unknown what, if anything, humans can affect the direction of climate change in any meaningful direction.

The United States’ Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Treasury, in coordination with the President’s Special Representative for Climate Change, will lead a process to develop such a plan involving the Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Chief Executive Officer of the United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), the Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, the Director of the United States Trade and Development Agency, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and the heads of other agencies that may provide foreign aid and development finance. The Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Treasury shall provide the plan to President within 90 days of this order to the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs and the Assistant to the President for Economic Policy.

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Most heads of state and government in Rome travel to Glasgow for the G-20 summit. On Saturday, US President Joe Biden, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will meet on the sidelines of the opening session to discuss the next steps in the Iran nuclear program. Photo President Biden, second from left, poses for a family photo with other world leaders and officials at the Group of 20 summit in Rome on Saturday.

Most Americans want to end the “War on Drugs” but Biden ain’t budging

A new poll out this month adds to mounting evidence proven by previous polls that American citizens do not believe the “War on Drugs” has been successful and want a fresh approach on the federal level to local governments. President Biden has been a longtime stalwart supporting the “War on Drugs” enhancing penalties for simple possession and forcing low-level drug dealers into long-term prison sentences. While the Democrats and Republicans have been working to put people in cages for selling and using a plant, the Libertarian Party is the largest of political parties to be against such actions and now the American people have learned Libertarians were right all along.

During a time when 83 percent of Americans say the “War on Drugs” has failed, Biden and his VP, Kamala Harris still want it continued. Biden has proposed Rahul Gupta to be America’s next drug Czar.

As the 50th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s declaration of a “War on Drugs” approaches, the vast majority of American voters believe the policy has been a failure. Most voters believe that current drug policies have made the problem of drug use and addiction worse and only overcrowded the nation’s jails; as a result, nearly two-thirds of the country believes we need a fresh approach based in public health, not law enforcement. There are few issues where the nation’s laws so misrepresent the preferences of the American people.

Biden and previous administration drug policies have not only failed to achieve their goals, but in many have clearly made the problem worse. Two-thirds (67%) of Americans agree that the War on Drugs has “overcrowded our prison systems, drained resources and diverted needed funding from more effective programs like rehabilitation and treatment”; 57% agree that “it has worsened the problems of addiction and problematic drug use in the US;” and 73% agree that “the War on Drugs has not made America safer or healthier.” Only 27% agree that “the War on Drugs has successfully decreased the problems of addiction and problematic drug use in the U.S.”, while 69% disagree.

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Still no affirmed motive behind shooting at gun-free zoned VTA light rail yard in San Jose, California

Photo by cottonbro on

Yesterday, May 26, 2021, 57-year-old Sam Cassidy, a Valley Transit Authority (VTA) employee, allegedly shot and killed eight co-workers before killing himself at the gun-free zoned VTA San Jose, California rail yard. Although not yet confirmed, some who knew him said Cassidy suffered from anger issues, bi-polar disorder, and alcoholism.

Politicians did not waste anytime politicizing the shooting calling for more control measures, yet is that the right path? Cassidy could kill so many because of the rail yard being designated as a gun-free zone, leaving law abiding VTA employees defenseless. According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, public mass shootings between 1998 and 2018 and reported that 97.8 percent of incidents took place in gun-free zones.

Late last night, President Biden tweeted, “We are still awaiting many of the details of this latest mass shooting in San Jose, but there are some things we know for sure. There are at least eight families who will never be whole again. Every life taken by a bullet pierces the soul of our nation. We must do more.” Many would agree with him and are advising him we need to end gun-free zone policies and end the many gun control laws which have enabled the bulk of these mass shootings.

Biden administration proposes global minimum corporate tax which will adversely hurt the poor

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

Under Joe Biden, the U.S. Treasury’s Janet Yellen has proposed a global minimum corporate tax of 15 percent among 140 countries. A company’s customers pay corporate taxes through high prices and often hurt the poorest among us through higher prices of goods and services. Yellen has said, “It is imperative to work multilaterally to end the pressures of corporate tax competition and corporate tax base erosion,” the Treasury Department said in a statement Thursday. “Treasury underscored that 15 percent is a floor and that discussions should continue to be ambitious and push that rate higher.” Such a move would create a surge of corporate tax avoidance which is legal, as opposed to tax evasion which is illegal. It is also a way to make it appear they are going after greedy wealthy corporations when in fact, the Biden administration proposal is a backdoor way to hurt the poorest people financially.

The global Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is an organization of 140 countries and is expected to agree on the minimum 15 percent at some point this summer. Other countries part of the OECD, such as Ireland, have a lower corporate tax rate of 12.5 percent and would need to be convinced to raise it. Here in the United States, the corporate tax rate is 21 percent and President Biden has said he would like to see our country’s corporate tax rate raised to 28 percent which would be incorporated in higher prices of goods and services.

If such a move is made by the 140 countries in the OECD, then it will cause multi-national corporations to move some operations to countries with no or low corporate taxes. Companies will simply shift some aspects of their company to places like the Vanuatu, Cayman Islands, Anguilla, etc. as they have a zero corporate tax rate. There is a balance a company makes to save on taxes when choosing which country to incorporate for which division. For example, if a country has a low to no corporate tax structure but poor laws protecting intellectual property, then a company may decide not to incorporate their trademark and patent side of the business in that country.

Such moves do not make a company evil and are not evading the payment of taxes, they are legally doing what is best to keep their prices to the consumer as low as possible while remaining as competitive as possible. People, like corporations, try to pay the least amount in taxes they may legally pay which is why everyone takes legal deductions off their income. Americans do not pay their respective federal income taxes based on their gross income but their adjusted gross income (after deductions).

President Biden’s job approval ratings continue to drop, border wall continues

While President Joe Biden enjoyed a high of 60 percent approval rating it appears to be dipping based on the newest polling numbers falling for the first time below 50 percent. His polling numbers are weakest when it comes to foreign policy and immigration.

Like most politicians, he is doing the opposite of what he promised when running for public office. While he pronounced disdain for the southern border wall yet he appears to be moving forward with it. The Biden administration continues to seize land via eminent domain around the southern border to make way for the wall’s completion. And apparently, border wall construction continues along the southern border under Biden.

Photo Credit: Dicklyon

This should come as no surprise as Biden and most Democrats, including Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, supported and voted for securing the southern border to Mexico. They voted for the 2006 Secure Fence Act and wanted another $6 billion to finish the project and make it bigger, which did not happen.

Biden administration takes money from COVID-19 response and deviates it to immigration

President Joe Biden

If you are wondering where some of the money is going to help with the COVID-19 response, the Joe Biden administration has been siphoning off up to $2 billion Congress approved and has moved it to help with their immigration problem on the southern border.

According to a Politico report, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra has informed Congress he has chosen to move $1.7 billion that Congress originally authorized to pay to replenish the Strategic National Stockpile and pay for COVID-19 testing. Besides the $1.7 billion, Becerra has re-channeled another $436 million that was originally meant for other health initiatives by HHS to help pay for unaccompanied minors who are entering the United States illegally.

Will we all be forced to eat vegan for Biden to reach his climate change goals?

According to The Center for Biological Diversity, cutting U.S. meat intake in half could prevent 1.6 billion tons of climate pollution. If this is the science, why aren’t more climate alarmist ditching meat and going vegan? While a self-reporting 3 percent of the U.S. population purports to be eating plant-based (not necessarily vegan), 60 percent believe in humans are creating climate change. So why hasn’t 57 percent of Americans gone vegan, shouldn’t we be following the science?

Disclaimer: While I am not suggesting Americans should be forced to alter their diet, this article shows that if President Biden feels he and other governments can affect climate change by dramatically altering the way humans live, then it is reasonable to believe he will attempt to alter Americans’ diets to fulfill his goal. I have been eating vegan since 1994.

According to President Biden’s “Plan for Climate Change and Environmental Justice” climate change is a national emergency which requires “bold” action by his administration. His website states that he “believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face. It powerfully captures two basic truths, which are at the core of his plan: (1) the United States urgently needs to embrace greater ambition on an epic scale to meet the scope of this challenge, and (2) our environment and our economy are completely and totally connected.”

Setting aside whether one believes to what degree humans can affect climate change, Biden and his administration clearly feel the United States government along with the states and local governments can tackle this issue and be successful. Within that framework, it is only natural to include the effect animal farming has on methane and CO2 levels, so why discount it and not include reducing or eliminating meat from Americans diets as one of the climate change options? Since the government wants to dramatically change the way we collect energy, it is reasonable to conclude the government would want to take steps to make our bodies healthier while reducing greenhouse gases at the same time.

According to The Center for Biological Diversity, cutting U.S. meat intake in half could prevent 1.6 billion tons of climate pollution. If this is the science, why aren’t more climate alarmist ditching meat and going vegan? While a self-reporting 3 percent of the U.S. population purports to be eating plant-based (not necessarily vegan), 60 percent believe humans are creating climate change. So why hasn’t 57 percent of Americans gone vegan, shouldn’t we be following the science?

Photo by Markus Winkler on

New research released by the University of Michigan and Tulane University found that replacing 50% of animal products with plant-based foods in the United States would prevent over 1.6 billion tons of greenhouse gas pollution by 2030. According to the study, if Americans reduced if beef consumption by 90% alongside the 50% reduction in other animal products, it would prevent over 2 billion tons of greenhouse gas pollution. That’s roughly equivalent to taking nearly half the world’s cars off the roads for a year.

“Moving the American appetite from our burger-heavy diet to plant-based eating is a powerful and necessary part of curbing the climate crisis,” said Stephanie Feldstein, population and sustainability director at the Center. “The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the meat supply chain’s vulnerabilities, but our food system faces even greater long-term threats from climate change. We desperately need policymakers to support sustainable diets and a resilient food system.”

The study, “Implications of Future U.S. Diet Scenarios on Greenhouse Gas Emissions“, found that replacing half of all animal-based foods with plant-based alternatives would reduce diet-related emissions by 35%. And if half of all animal-based foods were replaced with plant-based alternatives and beef consumption fell by 90%, dietary emissions would drop by 51%. If American diets remain unchanged, emissions associated with producing the food we eat will climb 9% by 2030.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has determined that the world has under 10 years to reduce global emission by half to avoid the worst impacts of catastrophic climate change. Last year the IPCC warned that food systems are already being adversely affected by climate disruption and identified dietary shifts as a solution for mitigation and adaptation. Previous research has shown that society will be unable to meet global climate targets without reducing meat and dairy consumption and production.

“While diet shift isn’t a silver bullet, it could play an important role in curbing climate change,” said Martin Heller, lead author of the study and research specialist at the University of Michigan’s Center for Sustainable Systems at the School for Environment and Sustainability. “Plus, it’s an actionable strategy at all levels, from consumers to the food industry to local, state and national policy.”

The Center’s policy guide — Appetite for Change: A Policy Guide to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions of U.S. Diets by 2030 — outlines key actions that can be taken at all levels of government. Those include shifting procurement toward plant-based purchases, creating food-policy councils, ending subsidies and bailouts that encourage overproduction of animal products, and incorporating sustainability into federal nutrition recommendations. The Trump administration is currently revising the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

“We can’t ignore that public health, sustainability, climate resilience and food security are all part of the same recipe,” Feldstein said. “Our government has a responsibility to make healthy, climate-friendly foods more accessible to all Americans, and that starts with the dietary guidelines.”

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