District 20 special primary Democratic Party results expected next Friday

There is a special election scheduled to fill the Florida Congressional District 20 seat left vacant by the passing of Alcee Hastings for January 11, 2022. This past week, there was a special primary election between Democrats and Republicans, the results of which will cause them to face Libertarian MIke ter Maat in the general special election on January 11, 2022.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

The recounts continue in the Democrat race with a difference of 4 votes between Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick and Dale Holness. A manual and electronic recount has already been done and some votes are still coming in from members of the military overseas.

Another wrinkle in the primary election is that the Republican winner, Jason Mariner, says he may be disqualified due to him being a convicted felon who may not have gone through the state’s process to restore his civil rights after his imprisonment. Although it may not be an issue, if officially challenged, Mariner’s win could be in jeopardy.

Regardless, the ultimate winners of the special primary will face Libertarian Mike ter Maat, two no-party affiliation candidates, and one write-in candidate.

Candidate Websites:

Mike ter Maat

Jason Mariner

Leonard Serratore

Jim Flynn (no website found)

Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick

Dale Holness

Shelley Fain

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis comes to West Palm Beach to discuss mandates and election fraud

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Playing to a supportive crowd in West Palm Beach, Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis spoke mostly about election integrity and mask mandates this morning. DeSantis called on the Florida Legislature to further strengthen the integrity of Florida elections. DeSantis assured the crowd that there will not be any COVID vaccination mandates in Florida.

DeSantis said that if a Florida citizen witnessed ballot harvesting, which is illegal in Florida, and that citizen calls the incident in to a local Supervisor of Elections office, often, nothing happens. DeSantis said, “In Florida, it is Constitutionally mandated that only citizens are allowed to vote in Florida and yet you see examples of people, even though they [poll workers] check that they are not citizens, and they will still be given ballots.”

DeSantis called on the Florida legislature to add an office responsible for instigating election crimes which will employ law enforcement investigators to bring cases to the Florida Attorney General for prosecution.

Today’s press conference follows the announcement by Roger Stone this past weekend that if DeSantis does not do something about election fraud in Florida, then he will run against him in 2022.

DeSantis touted how Florida has one of the lowest if not the lowest COVID rates in the nation and how Florida has added a large number of jobs while other states have lagged in the job category. DeSantis said, “You shouldn’t have to lose your job over these COVID mandates. We need to stand up for people to make their own decisions and we shouldn’t have people lose their jobs over it.”

He also expects passage of a $5,000 signing bonus for out-of-state law enforcement officers who move to and employ themselves in law enforcement in Florida.

U.S. House District 20 primary winners to face Libertarian Mike ter Maat in January

Mike ter Maat, District 20 Congressional Candidate

With some vote-by-mail ballots still to be counted, Republican Jason Mariner has handily won. At press time, Democrats Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick and Dale Holness are too close to call and will trigger an automatic recount and potentially a run-off vote. The winner of the Democrat primary will face Mariner and Libertarian Mike ter Maat in the January 11, 2022, general special election to fill the seat. District 20 is holding a special election since Alcee Hastings passed away last year and voter turnout in Palm Beach County was 17 percent.

McCormick and Holness are within one percent of each other, which if that holds true later today after they counted all the votes, then that would trigger an automatic recount for only those two candidates and potentially a run-off vote. The winner will then run in the general special election being held on January 11, 2022. In addition to Mike ter Maat, there is Leonard Serratore and Jim Flynn running with no party affiliation, and Shelley Fain is the write-in candidate.

Candidate Websites:

Mike ter Maat

Jason Mariner

Leonard Serratore

Jim Flynn (no website found)

Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick

Dale Holness

Shelley Fain

Tomorrow’s District 20 Primary winner will face Libertarian in January

Tomorrow, November 2, 2021, Florida Congressional District 20 Democratic and Republican voters will decide who will face Libertarian Party candidate, Mike ter Maat, in the January 11, 2022, special general election. The special election is because the former District 20 congressional representative, Alcee Hastings, passed away last year and the office must be filled.

Only those who were registered to vote in Congressional District 20 by October 4, 2021, and are registered as a Republican or Democrat can vote in tomorrow’s primary election. Here is a link to the sample ballot for Republicans and here is the link for the sample ballot for Democrats. If you are unsure of your voting status, you can go to this page to find out.

Democratic Party voters will have to choose between 11 primary candidates. They are Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick, Elvin Dowling, Bobby B. DuBose, Omari Hardy, Dale V.C. Holness, Phil Jackson, Emmanuel G. Morel, Barbara Sharief, Dr. Imran, Uddin Siddiqui, Priscilla Ann Taylor, and Perry E. Thurston Jr.

Republican Party voters will have to choose between two primary candidates. They are Jason Mariner and Greg Musselwhite.

Besides political party candidates, in the special general election happening on January 11, 2022, there are three no party affiliated (NPA) and one write-in candidate. So, as of now, voters in the special general election for District 20 will include the Libertarian Party candidate Mike ter Maat, the winners of the Republican and Democrat primary election happening tomorrow, NPA candidates Jim Flynn, Robert Ornelas, Leonard L. Serratore, and write-in candidate Shelley Fain.

Also on the calendar for tomorrow is the Town of Highland Beach will have an election on November 2, 2021. There will be one (1) question on the ballot. Polls are open on November 2, 2021, from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm. Voters in the town can visit the My Status page to determine whether they are eligible to take part in this election and to find your sample ballot and your precinct’s polling location. 

Now Californians have a choice between 46 candidates to be their next governor in recall election

With some last-minute changes to the candidate list, California’s Secretary of State approved the final certified list late yesterday to replace Governor Gavin Newsom in a recall election scheduled for September 24, 2021. There was a kerfuffle between the state and candidate Larry Elder in which Elder was initially excluded and has now been included after they realized their error in leaving him off.

Jeff Hewitt, candidate for California governor

The list includes one Libertarian (Jeff Hewitt), ten with no party affiliation, two with the Green Party, 24 Republicans, and nine Democrats. Of those, Nikolas Wildstar is another well-respected activist seeking a freer California.

Larry Elder, who is a nationally syndicated radio host and newspaper columnist, bestselling author, award-winning documentary filmmaker, and now candidate for governor of California won his lawsuit against California Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber. The Superior Court of California held yesterday afternoon that Secretary Weber will list Elder as a candidate for governor in the special California recall election scheduled for September 14, 2021.

The court’s ruling reverses the secretary’s decision to disqualify Elder as a candidate for alleged redaction issues with the income tax returns filed with his candidacy application. According to the court, the law by which the Secretary of State required candidates to submit tax returns for the upcoming election applies to direct primary elections, not recall elections. Hence, Elder did not have to file tax returns at all to qualify as a candidate.

“I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Superior Court of California, our friends, volunteers, supporters, and the people of California,” said Elder. “We fought the shenanigans of Sacramento’s politicians and we won. If elected governor, I will fight every single day for this state. This is just the beginning.”

Nikolas Wildstar, candidate for California governor

Here is the complete list of candidates to appear on the ballot along with their political affiliation via the California Secretary of State:

Holly L. Baade Democratic
John R. Drake Democratic
Patrick Kilpatrick Democratic
Jacqueline McGowan Democratic
Kevin Paffrath Democratic
Armando “Mando” Perez-Serrato Democratic
Brandon M. Ross Democratic
Joel Ventresca Democratic
Daniel Watts Democratic
David Alexander Bramante Republican
John Cox Republican
Larry A. Elder Republican
Kevin L. Faulconer Republican
Rhonda Furin Republican
Ted Gaines Republican
Sam L. Gallucci Republican
David Hillberg Republican
Caitlyn Jenner Republican
Kevin Kiley Republican
Chauncey “Slim” Killens Republican
Jenny Rae Le Roux Republican
Steve Chavez Lodge Republican
David Lozano Republican
Diego Martinez Republican
Daniel Mercuri Republican
Robert C. Newman II Republican
Doug Ose Republican
Sarah Stephens Republican
Denver Stoner Republican
Joe M. Symmon Republican
Anthony Trimino Republican
Nickolas Wildstar Republican
Leo S. Zacky Republican
Heather Collins Green
Dan Kapelovitz Green
Jeff Hewitt Libertarian
Angelyne No Party Preference
James G. Hanink No Party Preference
Kevin K. Kaul No Party Preference
Michael Loebs No Party Preference
Denis Lucey No Party Preference
Jeremiah “Jeremy” Marciniak No Party Preference
David Moore No Party Preference
Adam Papagan No Party Preference
Dennis Richter No Party Preference
Major Singh No Party Preference

United We Stand virtual event scheduled for July 4th weekend by Free & Equal

Free & Equal, which works toward expanding transparency in public campaigns and fair debates, is hosting “United We Stand” on July 3-4, 2021, which will be live streamed free. Free & Equal hosts open gubernatorial, Presidential and senatorial debates, including the 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020 Presidential debates moderated by Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Chris Hedges, Broadcast Legend Larry King, Thom Hartmann of Free Speech TV, Emmy Award-Winning Actor Ed Asner and Christina Tobin.

Free & Equal will present the United We Stand Festival on July 3 and 4 in Cambria, California as a private, invitation only event. The festival will be open source live-streamed at freeandequal.org for all who cannot attend in person but still want to be part of the movement. The event will serve as a celebration of freedom and an opportunity to nurture connections that inspire collaboration towards building a more vibrant future.

The goal is to encourage everyday people to rise together and manifest something more fulfilling by taking on active roles in their communities. They will introduce guests and viewers to musicians, artists, and thought leaders with uplifting messages. Plant Based Meal Box and Vegan Charcuterie Snack Box will be available for purchase from Zenagain catering.

Attendees and live-stream viewers may donate to support the Cambria Skate Park Initiative to help area youth rebuild their cherished community space. Businesses along the Central Coast will provide supplies, decor, vending, and items for auction.

Delray Beach and Boca Raton voters keep incumbents in office, Boca changes qualifications to run for public office

Delray Beach Mayor Shelley Petrolia

In Delray Beach, Ryan Boylston, Adam Frankel, and Mayor Shelley Petrolia will remain in office as they all beat their opponents. Petrolia kept her Mayorship over challenger Tracy Caruso by a tight 3 percent margin with 12,129 total votes. Frankel beat out his challenger, Price Patton, by about a 9 percent margin with 11,997 total votes. Boylston remains on the city commission after beating his opponent Mitch Katz by almost 20 percent of the 12,017 total votes.

In Boca Raton, incumbents Monica Mayotte and Yvette Drucker will remain on the city council after winning their elections yesterday. A wide margin approved the two questions on the ballot for City of Boca Raton voters. Voters changed the qualifications in order to appear on the ballot as a candidate in two ways. One must now by a resident of Boca Raton for a minimum of one year rather than the previous 30 days and now must collect a minimum of 200 signatures instead of pay a fee to appear on the ballot for a seat on the city council.

Mayotte was re-elected after beating challenger Brian Stenberg after receiving 58.82 percent of the 12,590 votes. Drucker won after beating out three other challengers, receiving 50.94 percent of the 12,558 total votes. Drucker was challenged by Bernard Korn, Josie Machovec, and Constance Scott.

Opinion: Boca Raton voters to decide on 2 city council members and qualifying questions tomorrow

Registered voters living within the city limits of Boca Raton will have a few important decisions to make when voting tomorrow, March 9, 2021. Question One will be whether to extend the time one needs to be a resident to run for city council from 30 days to one year. The second question voters will need to answer is whether to eliminate the qualifying fee to appear on the ballot for city council. If voted in favor, the new qualifier would be to institute a requirement of gathering at least 200 signatures from Boca Raton registered voters in leu of a fee in order to appear on the ballot.

Josie Machovec for Boca Raton City Council Seat C

There are two city council seats up for grabs tomorrow, Seat C and Seat D. Seat C candidates are Yvette Drucker, Bernard Kohn, Josie Machovic, and Constance Scott. The powers that be in Boca Raton would like you to either vote for Drucker or Scott, though the most freedom-based candidate is first-timer, Josie Machovec. She would be the best for both the business community and Boca Raton residents as she respects and seeks to maximize the freedoms of both. Unlike the other candidates who want to control the lives of Boca Raton residents and businesses, Machovic seeks to do the opposite.

Seat D has two contenders, Monica Mayotte and Brian Stenberg. Stenberg is the best candidate for those seeking freedom, while Mayotte wants to control your lives. While Stenberg may not be as freedom-oriented as Machovec for Seat C, he is certainly better than Mayotte in that category.

If you already mailed in your ballot, you can track its status here: https://www.pbcelections.org/Voters/Vote-By-Mail. If you are wondering where to vote in person tomorrow, you can visit this site: https://www.pbcelections.org/Voters/Precinct-Finder.

Today is first day of early voting in Palm Beach County, 2.5 million have voted by mail in Florida

Throughout Florida, 2.5 million voters have voted in the November 3, 2020 general election via U.S. Mail. In Palm Beach County, 226,516 have voted by mail. Today, Palm Beach County voters can vote in-person at select locations. If you are unsure for whom to vote or want to know about the amendments on your ballot, use our Voter Guide and Endorsements.

Early voting happens from October 19, 2020 through November 1, 2020 from 7 AM to 7 PM each day at 29 locations throughout Palm Beach County.

Map of Palm Beach County early voting sites

Absentee ballots can continue to be sent to the Palm Beach County Elections Office and must be received no later that 7 PM on November 3, 2020, so we advise it to send no later than one week prior.

All precincts will be open to voters on election day, November 3, 2020, from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Voters must bring one or two forms of valid and current government-issued identification that include your signature and photo.

Acceptable Photo ID Florida Voters:

  • Florida Driver License
  • Florida ID Card (issued by DHSMV)
  • U.S. Passport
  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Military ID
  • Student ID
  • Retirement Center ID
  • Neighborhood Association ID
  • Public Assistance ID
  • Veteran Health ID (issued by the US Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • Concealed Weapon License (issued pursuant to F.S. 790.06)
  • Employee ID card issued by any branch, department, agency, or entity of the Federal Government, the state, a county, or a municipality.

If your photo ID does not include your signature, they will ask you to provide another ID that has your signature. If you do not bring your ID, you may still vote, however, you will be required to vote a provisional ballot, which will later be evaluated by a canvassing board for eligibility. 

As of this morning, throughout Florida, 754,346 Republicans, 1,222,436, and 520,732 NPA/other parties have voted by mail, according to the State of Florida’s election website.

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